[XeTeX] pool-size too small

Ross Moore ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Wed Jul 28 03:23:37 CEST 2004

Hi Jonathan,

In running a test-document, generating lots of accented characters,
and diacritics, I hit the pool-size limit:

doing uppercase accents with \textlangleabove
! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=66445].
<argument> \textlangleabove

The value of  66445  is pretty small for modern requirements.
something in excess of 100000 is pretty normal these days...

pool_size  =                    125000
pool_size.hugetex =            1250000

(from my texmf.cnf )
and that 'hugetex' figure (> 1million) is used also by  pdfetex .

Since we cannot compile xetex for ourselves, it would
make sense to distribute it with the larger pool-size.
Would you do that please, in the next (minor) release ?



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