[XeTeX] OS X fonts.

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Jul 23 16:39:45 CEST 2004

Le 23 juil. 04, à 15:35, Alain Schremmer a écrit :

> Thanks to Kew and Voisin: indeed, I typed in XeTeX and XeLaTeX. I 
> truly feel the complete idiot and I apologize for having wasted your 
> time. Everything works now.
> I have not yet tried the Futura other than verifying that adding
> \unit{KILOMeter}
> to an *existing* file, appropriately preamble-modified, indeed 
> produces a plain vanilla KILOMeter. (The console says This is 
> pdfeTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.11b-2.1 (Web2C 7.5.2)) From which I infer 
> that I need either to cyclone the file or use xetex from the first. 
> This is for tonight.

Two quick answers, to this question and the following one, as I am not 
sure to understand either:

- What do you mean by "a plain vanilla KILOMeter"? Does it indicate 
that you get what you expected (KILOMeter in a condensed sans-serif 
font), or the opposite?

- "This is pdfeTeXk" means you are using pdfTeX, not XeTeX.

- You only need to use Cyclone, to convert your input file from 
MacOSRoman encoding to UTF-8 encoding, if this file contains non ASCII 
characters; for example, if it contains accented characters (é ù à è 
etc.) or diacritics (¶ § ¿ … • € £ etc.). Otherwise, if your input file 
is plain ASCII, which is most likely the case if it's written in 
English, no conversion is necessary, since ASCII characters appear at 
exactly the same slots in either encoding.

This can very easily be checked in TeXShop: set TeXShop's default 
encoding to UTF-8 and then open your input (.tex) file in it (possibly 
quitting and restarting TeXShop in-between); in your file is plain 
ASCII, it will be displayed properly, whereas, if your file contains 
MacOSRoman-specific characters, only an empty window will be displayed 
where the file content should normally be shown.

> But this brings up another issue.
> All of this is to put a math textbook on the web under a general 
> document license. But this requires transparent coding (I am quoting 
> from memory) and while I have at least one example that TeXshop's 
> output can be read/edited on a wintel, is XeTeX's output considered 
> transparent?

- TeXShop's output is a PDF file and can only be edited with Adobe 
Acrobat (the commercial version, not the free Adobe Reader).

- If you're speaking of TeXShop's input, a .tex file, then it can be 
edited. However, if it contains XeTeX-specific coding (such as the one 
I suggested for Futura Condensed Medium), then it can only be typeset 
on a Mac with OS X Panther, as XeTeX is Mac-specific software: if I'm 
not mistaken, it relies entirely on ATSUI (Apple Type Solution for 
Unicode Imaging) <http://developer.apple.com/intl/atsui.html>.

Good luck,

Bruno Voisin

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