[XeTeX] Using --, ---, ``, '' and ' with CM

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jul 21 10:53:18 CEST 2004

On 20 Jul 2004, at 11:37 pm, Atip Asvanund wrote:

> There are times when I would like to use Computer Modern along with OTF
> fonts. Since, the preferred method for entering these punctuations is 
> via
> Unicode, they only work with the fonts that XeTeX loads in. However, I
> cannot get those punctuations to show up in Computer Modern at all,
> whether I enter them them using unicode or with the --, ---, ``, '' 
> and '.

I don't understand why this would be a problem; the CM fonts should 
work just like in any standard TeX. Are any warning messages shown in 
the console window when you run XeTeX? Do the CM fonts work fine for 
the rest of the text? How are you specifying the fonts in your 

It should work to do something like this, for example (in Plain TeX):

	\font\cm=cmr10 \cm
	This is ``Computer Modern Roman''---using TeX legacy conventions.

	\font\lg="Lucida Grande" at 10pt \lg
	This is “Lucida Grande”—using Unicode characters directly.


Both fonts appear fine when I run this. What happens for you?


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