[XeTeX] fontspec, keyval & "Colour"

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sun Dec 19 19:20:48 CET 2004

Le 19 déc. 04, à 17:26, Paolo Matteucci a écrit :

> The log file is attached just in case (I was trying out Adobe Garamond 
> Pro as my roman font, but nothing changes with Hoefler Text).

I'm not sure about the last statement: I typeset fontspec-example.tex 
on my computer with no problem. I noticed by looking for differences 
with your log file that the only difference is your use of Adobe 
Garamond Pro:

> (Font)                  OT1/cmr/m/n --> 
> OT1/AdobeGaramondPro+map:tex-text/m/n o
> n input line 17.

(and many more of the same) while I get Hoefler Text:

> (Font)                  OT1/cmr/m/n --> 
> OT1/HoeflerText+map:tex-text/m/n on inp
> ut line 17.

(and many more of the same). I looked otherwise for the version of 
XeTeX, of all the packages, they are indeed the same on my computer and 
yours. Thus I would say there must be something in the way that you 
asked for Garamond to be used, that messes up fontspec.

Bruno Voisin

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