[XeTeX] fontspec 1.5 (& Lucida Math)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Dec 3 03:14:29 CET 2004

Le 3 déc. 04, à 02:57, Herb Schulz a écrit :

> On 12/2/04 7:45 PM, "Bruno Voisin" <bvoisin at mac.com> wrote:
>> Do you have, by any chance, the Lucida fonts installed, in Classic
>> format (FFIL font suitcases and LWFN font files) in the Classic font
>> folder /System Folder/Fonts? XeTeX needs these fonts, it uses them
>> instead of those, in PFB format, used by teTeX but that it can't use.
> Yes, I originally got them when I was using TeXtures a long time ago. 
> I got
> the extra fonts after converting to the .pfb format for gwtex but they
> aren't used unless you use the `expert' option. Will XeTeX use those 
> old
> Type 1 Fonts? I thought it needed a AAT or OpenType font.

XeTeX can use whatever font made available by OS X (= any font seen by 
Font Book), be they in the OS X font repositories 
/System/Library/Fonts, /Library/Fonts and ~/Library/Fonts or in the 
Classic font repository /System Folder/Fonts.

Given XeTeX can't use PFB fonts, it needs those old fonts (the same as 
for Textures) for Lucida and MathTime. This is not connected with any 
"expert" option. (Or did I misunderstand? Do you mean you have the 
standard Lucida fonts in FFIL/LWFN format and the expert set in PFB 
format only?)

The need for those fonts may disappear in the future when we figure out 
a way of converting PS fonts in PFA, PFB or LWFN format to an OpenType 
form that XeTeX can handle. This probably would involve FontForge 
scripting, plus some knowledge of AAT font tables and know-how with 
Apple OS X Font Tools. As for me, unfortunately, I haven't the 
competence nor the time to experiment.

>> What
> Why What?

Sorry, I had started editing the message backwards when my attention 
was brought to today's latest OS X security update, and when back to 
Mail.app I had forgotten there was this "what" (no idea what I was 
planning to write afterwards!), thought the message was ready and 
pressed Send. So much for non-linear editing!

Bruno (off to bed now)

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