[XeTeX] Re: Is context working in XeTeX?

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Thu Dec 2 17:56:14 CET 2004

Charles Doherty said this at Wed, 1 Dec 2004 21:54:34 +0000:

Hello Charlie,

Looks like these  lines are the culprits:

>% a downward compatibility test (<7.5.3), next year we will use -8bit
>for  tetex  set  TeXVirginFlag     to  -ini -translate-file=natural.tcx

for  tetex  set  TeXVirginFlag     to  -ini

>for  fptex  set  TeXVirginFlag     to  -ini -translate-file=natural.tcx
>for  tetex  set  MpVirginFlag      to  -ini -translate-file=natural.tcx
>for  fptex  set  MpVirginFlag      to  -ini -translate-file=natural.tcx
>for  tetex  set  TeXPassString     to  -progname=context 

for  tetex  set  TeXPassString     to  -progname=context 

>for  fptex  set  TeXPassString     to  -progname=context 

I hope this problem goes away when XeTeX ignores the -translate-file and
-default-translate-file options!

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