[uktug-committee-public] [David Carlisle] 2nd Motions to the AGM

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Fri Nov 1 14:16:38 CET 2019

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From: David Carlisle <d.p.carlisle at gmail.com>

[...] I wish to place a second simpler pair of motions also on the agenda

Motion 2: UK-TUG should be dissolved

Motion 3: If Motion 2 is passed any remaining funds after liabilities
have been discharged should be distributed to TUG and DANTE to further
support TeX activities.

Note that unlike the motion 1 posted previously, motion 2 if passed
would mean that the affairs of UKTUG should be wound up immediately
after the AGM, and motion 3 would remove discretion from the committee
on the recipients of the remaining assets.

A motion such as Motion 3 is explicitly allowed in the constitution:

\item The members may pass a resolution before or at the same time as the
resolution to dissolve UK-TUG specifying the manner in which the 
Committee are
to apply the remaining property or assets of UK-TUG and the Committee must
comply with the resolution if it is consistent with
sub-clause~\ref{Remainder} of this clause.

I wish all three motions to be available on the AGM agenda.
Motion 2 if carried would leave Motion 1  redundant
if Motion 2 is not carried then Motion 3 is redundant, but Motion 1
would still be available  and if carried ,decision on dissolving the
group would be taken by ballot of the members.at a later time.


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