[uktug-committee-public] Dissolution and general meetings in a nutshell

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 10:57:57 CET 2019

Hi All

Here, briefly, are the key steps in dissolving UK TUG. I also cover
general meetings, as relating to dissolution. I apologise for any
inaccuracies in this summary, and welcome corrections. I've
omitted or simplified some details.


Section 5 of our constitution states the process for dissolution of UK
TUG. Briefly:

1. Motions at a General Meeting, on use of remaining assets. This is optional.
2. A motion at a General Meeting, to dissolve UK TUG. This is required.
3. The Committee collects all UK TUG assets, and settles all liabilities.
4. The Committee disposes of the remaining assets.
5. In (4) Committee must respect motions passed in (1), provided consistent
    with goals and nature of organisation.


Sections 9 and 10 states the process for general meetings. Briefly:

1. There are Annual and Special General Meetings.
2. The minimum notice period is 28 days.
3. Motions must be submitted 14 days, and circulated 7 days before the meeting.
4. Special, but not Annual, general meeting can be electronic only.
5. A special meeting is confined to the purpose it was called for.

6. The quorum is 10 (as we have less than 100 members).
7. Only the committee can call the Annual General Meeting.
8. Both committee and quorum can call a Special General Meeting.
9. If quorum requested, committee must call within 28 days.
10. If committee fails to do so, members can take over the call.
11. Thus, quorum can get special meeting, starting within 60 days.

[Note: For (9) to (11) I've made judgement on intent of constitution.]

Here's the constitution (typeset by LaTeX, of course).

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Jonathan (Committee member)

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