[uktug-committee-public] Introductions

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Wed Oct 30 12:49:54 CET 2019

I'm Joseph Wright, in my day-job a university lecturer in chemistry 
(inorganic synthesis and reaction mechanisms, for those of that mindset).

I'm a member of the LaTeX team, where I work on various things but 
mostly expl3 (LaTeX3 programming) development. I've written a few LaTeX 
packages, one reasonably popular (siunitx), plus have more-or-less 
accidentally ended up looking after the widely-used beamer class. I 
writing a blog on (La)TeX matters as and when inspiration stikes 

I've been a member of UK-TUG committee for around a decade, and have 
been Secretary for several years.

Joseph Wright

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