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Greetings TUG members - a short news update for the beginning of May.

This year's election for TUG president continues for one more week,
through May 11.  There are two nominees: Kaveh Bazargan and Jim
Hefferon.  For the candidates' statements and other information, please
see http://tug.org/election.

If you haven't voted already, please do!  The ballot is available in the
TUG members' area, https://www.tug.org/members.  If you don't have your
TUG username and/or password, or it's not working, just reply to this
mail or otherwise contact us.

Conferences: the TUG'15 meeting will be held in Darmstadt, Germany,
20-22 July.  Please see http://tug.org/tug2015 for the call for papers,
registration form, hotel information, and more.  Several slots remain
available for talks, so if you have any interest in making a
presentation, don't hesitate -- submissions are most welcome.
Registering as a participant is also very welcome, of course!

The ConTeXt 2015 meeting (http://meeting.contextgarden.net/2015/) will
be held in Nasbinals, France, September 14-18, 2015.

TeX Live: the pretest for this year's TeX Live release has 10 days or so
to go (http://tug.org/texlive/pretest.html).  Please test if you can.
If you're a package author and want a new version or new package to be
in the initial release of TL'15, please upload it to CTAN
(http://ctan.org) as soon as possible.

Finally, TUGboat: the first issue for 2015 has been printed and will be
available online (and coming in mailboxes) soon.  As always, we welcome
submissions for the next regular issue -- please see

Happy TeXing,
Karl Berry (on behalf of the TUG Board)

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