[Tugindia] Portability to pagemaker??

Josy P. Pullockara josy at ctfd.cmmacs.ernet.in
Thu Sep 6 04:24:32 CEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-09-05 at 14:26 +0530, giri wrote:
> last minute their type setter is unable to "port the document in 
> pagemaker" and that I have to submit an MS word version of the article.
> ... 
> Our paper has several mathematical equations and I 
> am not sure how to convert it into MS word!?...
> several citations and  cross references to figures and tables. 
> 'Converting' all that into MS word would be a pointless exercise.

There might have been more response if you had chosen the name
Open-Office instead of M$-$%@! :-)

One of the best solutions is through tex4ht. Use tex4ht to convert
to .html (though there is a method to go directly to the open office
format using tex4ht, I suggest the html approach). Then import this html
into Open-Office *Again my recommendation is Open-Office instead of the
thing that you want :-)* All the equations (images or mathml),
citations, cross-references figure and tables would be preserved. You
can then import it in Open-Office or many other software!

> I have 
> been advised to use more "universal software" such as MS word!!

By the way point the editor and typesetter to the "multiverse" :-P

Josy P. Pullockara

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