[Tugindia] Figure ref. numbering

vinay vinay_elc at rediffmail.com
Mon May 30 07:35:33 CEST 2011

Dear TeXies,
I am writing my project thesis using LaTeX. My OS is Ubuntu 9.10. The front-end is Kile.When I make reference to a particular figure in the explanatory text, the figure number corresponding  to the section is getting printed.
Example:Suppose I am in Chapter 2, section 2. When  I say Fig.~\ref{fig:tiger}, the ouput is as follows:
Fig. 2.2.1 for the first figure,FIg 2.2.2 for the 2nd figure 
and so on. For the next section, it says Fig 2.3.1 etc..
How to solve this problem?
With regards,VinayMTech (Mechatronics)NITK, Surathkal

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