[Tugindia] tex4ht: header,footer and hfill,vfill

Josy P. Pullockara josy at ctfd.cmmacs.ernet.in
Thu Jun 30 13:43:19 CEST 2011

On Thu, 2011-06-30 at 16:28 +0530, Radhakrishnan CV wrote:
> I am not sure about how the \markboth{}{} or some such commands and
> its arguments should appear in your HTML document, if not, I could
> have provided an example. If you can provide a code snippet in HTML
> format for any one of the above stuff, please send me privately, I can
> help you with configuring tex4ht.

Thanks for confirming --- from the leader himself! I had this doubt --
looks like the solution is to be looked for at an HTML or CSS group and
is not really a tex4ht problem. Will post a solution here if I find it
in the course of time.

> By the way, I think, the following URL might be a bit helpful to
> configure tex4ht:
>   http://www.cvr.cc/tex/tex4ht/

I did (re)search a bit of all the references at
and your above site before posting. While being a LaTeX user for many
years, I am quite new to tex4ht, html, css. I still have the opinion
that tex4ht is a fantastic behemoth --- probably attributed due to its
style and scarce documentation in the form of tutorials and examples.
All my understanding of tex4ht comes from E. Gurari's earlier paper on
the topic.

Thank you very much.
Josy P. Pullockara

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