[Tugindia] report generation using latex ( with mysql database )

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Create a template in LaTeX with sample data and the form required. Make sure
it works with hard coded details. Once you have the working template, copy
the content to a PHP(Or the programming language you are using for your web
app) file and replace the hard coded values by PHP variables. This will act
as template.

Query each row from mysql table.

Create a function which accepts parameters from mysql row, and substitutes
the values in above template. Instead of sending back to web, save it as
.tex file in your server.

Create a background job which processes each tex file and produces pdf.

Once pdf is generated cleanup the directory by deleting all the generated

Note: Please check the memory usage in your server and load balancing.

If you are using PHP, then check http://www.tcpdf.org/

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 1:01 PM, renukaprasadb at gmail.com <
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> Hi all
> we had developerd a payroll application  which uses mysql database
> we want to generate several report ( like Form 30 / form 16 and salary
> summary sheets )
> i would like to know that whether is it possible to retrieve database from
> mysql and generate such report ( if so please point to any links which will
> help doing this )
> -------------------
> i came across several links which guides to create e forms , that allows to
> enter data and save as pdf files.
> is it possible to develop e-forms which will allow to do insert / delete /
> modify operations to a database or a file ? ( as good as any desktop
> application )
> with regards
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