[Tugindia] to include images in LATEX

vinay vinay_elc at rediffmail.com
Mon Mar 29 06:08:11 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,
I want to include pictures in my pdf file. 
      1. I use Miktex 2.8. I can include .eps files 
when viewing in dvi format. It works fine.
      2. When I change the output profile to pdf format, it sends an error that the particular .eps file is not found. I am not able to solve this problem. Pl. help
      3. The problem with dvi format is that when I convert it to pdf using "Cute pdf writer" , I get bad quality output.
      4. For some strange reason, GSview is not working on my computer 
(when I tried to view output in .ps format)
I would be happy if I get solution(s) for one/all the above mentioned problems. I use Windows vista. 

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