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> Hello all
> Examdesign class is primarily created for typesetting examination papers.
> It has many interesting features.
> For typesetting multiple choice question papers it is very useful. You can
> create upto 26 sets of question papers (by shuffling the questions
> randomly). You can create the key(s) of the papers also.
> But the problem is the key is appended to the main question paper and we
> cannot directly give the pdf to printer (as it contains the key also).
> Can any one work on this class and make it create a separate pdf file of
> the key(s)? Then it will be more useful.
> Venu Gopal
> I use OpenOffice 3.0!
> Do you!!
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I am not very familiar with examdesign. I use answers package together with
a small package I wrote for assignments.
There are two ways in which you can use the package.
You can invoke this package with nosolutionfiles option:
In this case the solution is given below the question.
If you use the package without this option, it writes the solution
to a separate file, which you can include if you want.
So, what I do is to have two lines,
and comment out whichever line I want according to necessity.
In addition there is a \writetofile command that writes text to
file and  Filesave environment as a part of this package.

See if you can use this package in tandem
 with examdesign package.
The documentation for the package is clear enough with some simple
examples.  I have used  this package quite a lot.
S. Venkataraman

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