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Amit Raj Dhawan a_r_dhawan at ieee.org
Wed Sep 9 14:03:43 CEST 2009

Hello Mr. Khanda,

>how can i print leftrightarrow over partial symbol in tex ?
> >ashok k khanda
Let us make a new definition called "\lrp".

{\raise8pt\hbox to 10pt{$\leftarrow\kern-10pt\rightarrow$}\kern-9pt
{\raise8pt\hbox to 1em{$\leftarrow\kern-1em\rightarrow$}\kern-0.9em
{\raise6pt\hbox to
10pt{$\scriptstyle\leftarrow\kern-7pt\rightarrow$}\kern-8pt \partial}
{\raise4pt\hbox to
10pt{$\scriptscriptstyle\leftarrow\kern-5pt\rightarrow$}\kern-8pt \partial}}

And then check it please, e.g. try this definition as


$\lrp x / \lrp y$
$$\alpha^{^{\vec c}}\alpha^{^{\lrp \Gamma}} + \Gamma^{\lrp \vec f(x)}$$

I guess you wanted a similar result from TeX. For more details on
\mathchoice, please refer to "The TeXbook" by Donald Knuth.


Amit Raj Dhawan

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