[Tugindia] DevanagariTeX 2.14.1 and Pagenumbering

P. P. Narayanaswami swami at mun.ca
Tue Oct 27 16:20:38 CET 2009

I recently upgraded to MiklTeX 2.8 and installed DevanagariTeX 2.14.1.
When I use the preamble
\renewcommand\thepage{{\dn\dnnum \arabic{page}}}
to invoke pagenumberings in Devanagari, and then
LaTeX (pdfLaTeX) the file, I get an error message
!Illegal parameter number in definition of \HyPL at Prefix
and the program refuses to create DVI (PDF) file. 
This error was not there in my old system with MikTeX 2.5 and 
DevanagariTeX 2.14, where everything worked smooth.
Is there a bug in the DevanagariTeX 2.14.1 while invoking Devanagari
page numbers?

Also, if I delete the above command, and if I use hyperref, then
the Table of Contents get messed up.  What is the remedy?

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