[Tugindia] LaTeX question: Verbatim font size adjustment.

Kannan Moudgalya kannan at iitb.ac.in
Tue Oct 20 14:38:42 CEST 2009

S. venkataraman wrote:
> Another option is the listings package.  It is specifically for
> typesetting programmes. It supports a lot of languages, C, C++, Java,
> and so on.  You can add your own language if you want.
> It is a very versatile and powerful package.
> Venkataraman
More importantly, through verbatim, one cannot include files that 
contain the code.  Thus, you will be forced to keep two copies of your 
code.  If one uses the listings package, however, one needs to keep only 
one copy of this code and have this file included.  As a result, the 
document one creates will always have the latest version of the program 


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