[Tugindia] packages

Kannan Moudgalya kannan at iitb.ac.in
Thu Jun 25 05:42:01 CEST 2009

> Once the _written_ help is available, it can be converted to spoken
> text using festival or some other text-to-speech conversion system.

The idea is not one of just speaking, but to capture the ENTIRE session,
with voice being just additional.  The listener will know exactly what to
do to arrive at a result that the speaker has in mind.

> The advantage of not concentrating just of spoken text is that
> people who can read do not need to use up bandwidth in order to
> extract information.

It requires only 1MB (or less) per minute.  Thus, we can put more than ten
hours worth of tutorial in one CD!  This additional bandwidth is well
worth the benefits.


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