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How do I set a line spacing in LaTeX that corresponds to a 1.5 line
spacing in Word/OOo? The setspace package together with
\onehalfspacing does not generate the same line spacing(Word/OOo
generates more space). How do I replicate the same spacing in LaTeX?
(I have specifications given to me as a word document)


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Hi Darek,

Line spacing needs more elaboration. You can set line-spacing using a TeX
primitive *\baselineskip = <dimension>*. You do not need any special package
to do that, though LaTeX has packages like *setspace* to do that. The amount
of line-space is related to the size of the font being used, i.e. fixed
line-space of 12pt (\baselineskip = 12pt) would look nice on a 12pt font but
smaller text would appear too much spaced.

It is better to use "ex" (1 ex = height of letter "x" in the preceeding
font), I like *\baselineskip = 2.8ex*, you can use even larger like
= 3.2ex *and compare it with your Word/OOo document and check if it matches.
Keep in mind that "ex" spacing for Computer Modern font is different from
"ex" spacing of Times Roman font. And baselineskip needs to be called after
the font size declaration in the vertical mode to get the beauty.

I hope this helps you.


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