[Tugindia] Font problem

Anoop Sinha dr.anoopsinha at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 18:37:23 CET 2009

Hello all,

I work in a medical college, and helped the students there to create a
college magazine using LaTeX (three languages: English, Malayalam &
Hindi). The final output (pdf) looks fine, but when we took it for
printing (a press in Sivakasi), we ran into a problem.

Apparently, the press people import the pdf pages into Corel Draw
before they print it (I do not know if that's what all printing
presses do, but these people gave us the lowest quote, and we are on a
tight budget). Unfortunately, Corel complains of missing fonts
(NimbusRomNo9-Regu-Normal, LCIRCLE10-normal, NimbusSanL-Bold-Bold,
NimbusRomNo9L-Medi-Normal, Ra1-Regular-Normal, Velthuis-dvng10-normal,
Ra5-Regular-normal, Ra3-regular-normal) and substitutes them with

Now, I'd like to know how to get over this problem. I searched with
these font-names on my computer, but couldn't find them (not even
Nimbus Roman No9: which I found to be surprising, 'cause I can see
that font in open office). Do these font-files have other names?

Lastly, am I better off searching for a press that doesn't insist on
importing stuff into Corel Draw?


Dr. Anoop Sinha

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