[Tugindia] TUG 2009

Radhakrishnan cvr at river-valley.org
Tue Aug 11 07:32:09 CEST 2009

Following presentations of TUG 2009 are now available at:


	• Introduction to MetaPost
	• Banquet
	• The MSP TeX production system: restoration of TUGboat
	• Arabic typography: Past, present, and TeX
	• The LuaTeX Project: halfway to version 1
	• Class writing for wizard apprentices
	• TeX People: The TUG interviews project and book
	• Plain TeX and OpenType
	• Dynamic Arabic: Towards the philosopher's stone of Arabic-script  
	• Standards for LaTeX documents and processors
	• Consolidation of expl3
	• TeX-free LaTeX, an overview
	• Getting started with plasTeX
	• Medical pedigrees: typography and interface
	• Next steps for breqn
	• Gyre Fonts for the easily confused
	• Writing and checking complete proofs in LaTeX
	• Why I still use TeX
	• A TikZ tutorial: Generating graphics in the spirit of TeX
	• TeX as an ebook reader
	• LuaTeX: A user's perspective


The flow chart is a most thoroughly oversold piece of program  
		-- Frederick Brooks, "The Mythical Man Month"

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