[Tugindia] Vertical space in a table

Alok G. Singh alephnull at hcoop.net
Wed Aug 5 23:32:30 CEST 2009

I am using longtable with a complicated table header. There are three
header lines with \sideways{}, \makecell{} and \multicolumn{}
envs. There are many such tables in each document. I wish to guarantee
that all the headers take the same vertical space. I tried using a strut
in each row to ensure a height (which was greater than the maximum
required height). However, the rows take even more space than needed and
the headers are not of the required height.

There is a sample file attached. It needs to be compiled with xelatex. I
apologise for the length of the test case, but the problem is only
visible when there are multiple pages.

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