[Tugindia] Query on printing with 'screens'

Derek Cordeiro cordeiroderek at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 15:58:05 CET 2008

Dr C. K. Raju wrote:
>> Just to clarify, he normally uses applications like coreldraw(and> probably quark xpress) that add halftone screen information(for eg. 45> degrees angle for black, with some lpi information). However this> information is not generated or used by latex. If you readup on> PDFWriter vs Distiller by Adobe, this is one of the major differences,> distiller is used for high quality print jobs.
> Is this what you are saying: that half-tone screen information present in the postscipt file is not properly converted to pdf unless you use Distiller? 
AFAIK the halftone information is not there in the postscript created by 
latex anyway. What I am trying to explain is that the proprietary 
programs usually have a setting to create halftone screen for images. 
Settings such as "Preserve /Halftone/ Information" appear in distiller. 
Now I'm no expert and I'm not in the print industry --- I'm just trying 
to produce a printer friendly pdf. I gave distiller vs PDFWriter as an 
example. Maybe http://dx.sheridan.com/advisor/pdfwriter.html will make 
my point clear. The net is full of such comparisons. Most of these are 
old and most probably irrelevant.

I could rephrase my question as follows:
if a package like poligraf.sty can include commands like \mirror to 
create postscript files which are mirrored, is there any package that 
adds halftone screen information? Or is there any work around?


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