[Tugindia] Query on printing with 'screens'

Kapil Hari Paranjape kapil at imsc.res.in
Mon Nov 17 06:22:28 CET 2008


On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Frederick Noronha wrote:
> Every time I go in for a book, to be printed via offset, my printer
> has a problem. He takes the PDF file and attempts to do crazy things
> like importing it into Windows/Corel Draw, etc.

This is a common problem as people in print shops only know those
tools! I had a similar problem with a guy here in Chennai who was
supposed to print our Institute ID cards.

Your best bet is to ask him to specify what format he would like the
file in and "convert" your file to that format. ("convert" is a tool
for converting a file in one format to another format; you can also
use "ghostscript"). 

It is possible that he does not know the answer to that question
either. (Our chennai guy did not). So drop some hints like JPEG,
BMP, 1600x1200 and other such resolution relevant information which
is "Windows sounding". If he can print JPEG then ask to see a sample
of his work --- the actual JPEG file and the final print and use the
properties menu on his Windows machine to get the information about
the JPEG file --- resolution and color model.

If you get the relevant information and don't know how to proceed ask
here again!

Best of luck,


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