[Tugindia] placing .sty files using Vista

Dr C. K. Raju dr_c_k_raju at hotmail.com
Tue May 27 16:10:40 CEST 2008

> Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 19:42:44 -0600> From: twychicky at gmail.com> Subject: [Tugindia] placing .sty files using Vista> > Hi, Everyone,> I have a little problem. I do not know where to place stylefiles when> working on a latex document using Vista. There is no problem with> Windows XP but what works for XP does not seem to work for Vista.> With XP I place it in c:\textmf\tex\latex followed by "start,> programs, miktex. miktex options, refresh now".> I will appreciate it if someone can tell me what to do.
Could you describe your problem in a little more detail? I use Miktex on Vista. Although Vista creates lots of problems with many programs, Miktex works just fine on Vista. 
I suppose you have tried all the obvious things like using the right version of Miktex, for Vista, and checking out the spelling of root directories. (You have spelt the above as textmf instead of the default texmf.) I guess you have also already tried switching off user account control.
C. K. Raju
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