[Tugindia] Malayalam and Sanskrit

Swami Pallasena swami at math.mun.ca
Thu May 22 22:42:28 CEST 2008

For sanskrit ---You need either DevanagariTeX (available from sarovar.org)
or Skt package of Charles Wikner (available from CTAN);
For malayalam ---you need either Malayala for LaTeX or Malayalam
Omega) from sarovar.org).

For Devanagari, you crate a file  with .dn extension,
type in according to the conventions of DevanagariTeX, and run through a
devnag preprocessor to get a .tex file;  For Malayalam LaTeX
you create a .mm file (with Malayalam conventions) and run through mal 
pre-processor to yied a .tex file.

Though you cannot accomplish both in one single 
file, you can carefully join the two .tex files so obtained and that
will genearte what you want --- a lengthy process, but it works.

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