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shrivijay phadke sbphadke at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 21 14:34:39 CEST 2008

In response to the following by Phadke:> > > If pdfscreen is not a must for you, then using beamer class is a very good> > option. You can program any color for the background, vertical (or> > horizontal) shading with 2 colors as well as choosing a color for> > equations etc.
Prof Kannan wrote:
> I use a mix of text and equations, with every term to be shown sequentially.> I have given below an example, which I implement using pdfscreen and ppower4.> > Some text. \pause Some more text \pause> LHS of equation = \pause term1 \pause + term2 \pause - term3 \pause ...> Additional text \pause, etc.> > I believe that it requires more work to code the same thing using beamer.> Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.> > Kannan> p.s. Thanks to all suggestions on my previous question on colour
The simple pause works in beamer. The following code under beamer class will do the job:
\begin{frame}\frametitle{uncover incrementally }$ a=0$see this \pause and then that \pause\begin{equation}   a=\pause b+ \pause c\end{equation}\end{frame} 
If you want to color your math red, put this in the preamble:
\setbeamercolor{math text}{fg=red}  
It is possible to use  different colors for inline and displayed math.
To make the color of the background reddish at the bottom and yellowish at the top, add this before the frame:
\setbeamertemplate{background canvas}[vertical shading][bottom=red!20,top=yellow!30]
I find beamer very versatile. 
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