[Tugindia] Using Beamer

Asha G dendron.15 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 02:41:09 CEST 2008

I have never used color shading in beamer - should try that out.
But writing a document using text and eqn is not very difficult
\begin{size of lettering} text
\end{size of lettering}
\begin {equation}

You can write it so that eqn wrap around.

Hope this answers your question.
Asha Gopinathan

> > If pdfscreen is not a must for you, then using beamer class is a very
> good
> > option. You can program any color for the background, vertical (or
> > horizontal) shading with 2 colors as well as choosing a color for
> > equations etc.
> I use a mix of text and equations, with every term to be shown
> sequentially.
> I have given below an example, which I implement using pdfscreen and
> ppower4.
> Some text. \pause Some more text \pause
> LHS of equation = \pause term1 \pause + term2 \pause - term3 \pause ...
> Additional text \pause, etc.

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