[Tugindia] changing margins again

David Owen twychicky at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 00:04:08 CET 2008

HI, Everyone,
Thanks for all the help with my problems concerning "changing
margins". I still have problems because my document has Tables and
Figures, (which I did not mention before.). To get a top margin of
3.5cm on the first page and 4cm top margin on the rest of pages
containing Tables and Figs. I did the following:

  For the first page I used the separate statements:
  \oddsidemargin 0.96
  \evensidemargin 0cm,.... etc.
 I had to use "trial and error" to get 3.5cm for the top margin.
Actually, to get 3.5cm for the topmargin I had to use \topmargin 1cm.
This works O.K. for the first page. Next I inserted \changepage
{}{}{}{}{}{0.5cm}{}{}{} at the beginning of PAGE 2 and this worked
O.K. for SOME pages until we got to a page with two large TABLES and a page with
six small figures. There is also a page with one small figure. The
Large Tables and several small figures were SHIFTED to the RIGHT of
the pages. The small fig. was unaffected.
I tried to SEPARATELY change these pages with the Large Tables and
several figs. but that caused "CONFUSION in the camp" so to speak!!
Clearly this is not the way to do things!!!
Can anyone suggest how I can change margins on pages containing text,
tables and figures?

I shall be grateful for any suggestion.

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