[Tugindia] setting pdf title

Sreejith Kuttanikkad sreejithpk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:36:08 CET 2008

Dear Group,

I am trying to set the title of the pdf document by specifying as follows:
pdfauthor = {Name...},
pdftitle = {My Title}

and it works very well except in the following situation.

The situation is as follows:
sometimes I use gnuplot epslatex terminal to produce some graphical outputs.
And use the following simple script:

set terminal epslatex standalone color  header "\\sffamily"
set format "$%g$" # latex
set format "%.0e" # scientific
set style line 1 lt -1 lw 1 pt 2 ps 1
set output "output.tex"
set xlabel "x"
set ylabel "y"

and i convert this output.tex into a .ps file by
latex output.tex
dvips -E output.dvi

and include into my document as

now when i process the document, the title is automatically set to as
"output.tex" instead of "My Title"

In short, if i include any graphics produced in the way above, the title is
changing to the "name_of_graphics.tex" where name_of_graphics is the output
file name specified in the gnuplot epslatex terminal.

any tips to solve the issue ?


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