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>   1. Re: need your help (Tahir Hashmi)
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> santosh saxena wrote:
> > research paper has been accepted for publication in Mathematical
> > Communications. After that I got a mail to send standard Latex or
> AMS-Latex
> > file of my manuscript, I send the tex file converted from word file by
> Santosh,
> Usually research paper submissions are required to be in Latex for the
> sake of consistency in formatting. The publication would most likely
> also have suggested the styles etc. to use for writing your paper. You
> need to include those style packages in your Latex manuscript and write
> your paper after that. I don't suppose this is something that a
> converter can handle.
> Though it would seem like a big deal to learn Latex and re-write your
> paper in it, think of it as an investment since, I suppose, you are
> going to be writing many more papers in the future. Besides, writing
> documents, especially math-heavy stuff, in Latex is much less
> frustrating than in MS Word :-)
> --
You might want to use "kile". It is very easy to use and is a front end for
Asha G

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