[Tugindia] New Versions of LaTeX/Omega Packages for Malayalam Released

V. Sasi Kumar vsasi at hotpop.com
Wed Nov 14 17:26:11 CET 2007

On 14/11/2007, Swami Pallasena <swami at math.mun.ca> wrote:
> Thanks for these new packages: Malayalam TeX and Omega/Alpha.

Thanks for the info. This is really good news.

> One minor question:  Should the install scripts "./install.sh"
> (and the untarring process) be run as "root" or is it also okay
> to run it in an individual user?  I am using TeXLive in a PC with
> just one user (me) in Fedora Core 5 Linux.
> Of course, the "texhash" has to be done as a root.

I guess you will have to run the install script as root since it has
to write into folders which have write permission only for the root.
However, untarring may be done as user if you are untarring into your
home directory.

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