[Tugindia] Changing point size/line space in Lyx

renu at aero.iisc.ernet.in renu at aero.iisc.ernet.in
Mon Mar 12 12:23:04 CET 2007

you may type


just before the text that you need the line spacing of 
18pt. you can keep changing this command according to 
your requirement. 

Please note that in the preamble where you are 
giving the command \baselineskip=10pt, 14pt, etc., 
the command should be typed after 

I hope this will help you as for as the line spacing is 



> Hi All, I'm using Lyx to typeset a book. How do I change the fontsize and
> line-space in Lyx? The software, as it stands, only has options for
> choosing single-space, one-and-half or double-space. Rather limited
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