[Tugindia] Customizing BibTeX KEY.

Manoj Kummini kummini at math.ku.edu
Sun Jul 15 23:58:19 CEST 2007

Hello Everyone,

How can one force bibtex to generate the citation label from the KEY field
of an entry? Here is my example. I have the follwing entry in my .bib file:

@article {EGA,
    AUTHOR = {Grothendieck, A.},
       KEY = {EGA},
     TITLE = {\'{E}l\'ements de g\'eom\'etrie alg\'ebrique},
   JOURNAL = {Inst. Hautes \'Etudes Sci. Publ. Math.},
      YEAR = {{1960--1967}},}

If I use amsalpha.bst, \cite{EGA} will produce a label [Gro67]; I am
looking to get the label [EGA] . I can use custom-bib to generate a new bst
that will take care of this, but I wonder if one can hack into \bibitem so
that irrespecive of the bst file I use, I will always get the label [EGA].

Thank you.

Manoj Kummini
Graduate Student, Dept. of Mathematics, The Univ. of Kansas,
Lawrence KS 66045 USA.  38 deg 55 min N, 95 deg 14 min W.

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