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Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 16:15:49 CET 2007

On Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 10:17:47AM +0530, Ajay Shah wrote:
> I am aware that xfig, dia and inkscape are all candidates in this
> space. I am currently an intensive xfig user. I wondered if someone
> could write, or knew of a document off the shelf, comparing and
> contrasting the three alternatives.
> While I use xfig, I still get the sense that my figures are not
> "publication quality". This could, of course, reflect my lack of
> skills in how to do these things. Would dia and inkscape make a
> difference?

I have used xfig,dia and tgif with varying degrees of success. 

If you want really cool eye candy then I guess you have to invest time
in learning gimp. There are nice tutorials on the web.

But for technical drawings I find the above tools quite adequate.

There are so many alternatives as well-- xpaint, sodipodi and so on.

I feel that if you spend enough time learning and playing with these
tools you must be able to produce images of the quality you desire.

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