[Tugindia] Typesetting in Tamil

M. KALIDOSS mkalidoss at sancharnet.in
Thu Aug 2 16:49:50 CEST 2007

> Can somebody help me with learning to use Latex for typesetting in tamil.
> would also like to know if it would be possible to produce a single
> with more than one foreign language in it ... say tamil and sanskrit.
> - Ramji Srimurugan

> I am also looking for help regarding LateX tools
> available for typesetting in Tamil.
> G S Kumarasamy

The wntamil package helps you in this regard.  You can typeset
Tamil and English in the same document.  But I have not
tried incorporating other languages. Perhaps you can try and
let others know.  WNTAMIL is available in CTAN.

M. Kalidoss

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