[Tugindia] Printing option for DVIPS

M. KALIDOSS mkalidoss at sancharnet.in
Wed Apr 18 07:42:16 CEST 2007

Dear TUGIndia,
I have a LaTeX document for a 64 page booklet.  
I have used the route LaTeX => PS => PDF.  
I have used a4paper and 12pt. 
I want to have print-out using A4 paper, but with 2 pages on a sheet
(so that the final output will be on A5 paper).
That means I should have the print out of pages 1 and 64 on one
side of the paper and pages 2 and 63 on the reverse and so on.  
This way, I can use the stappler pin at the centre of the paper and
use it as an A5 booklet.

I remember having seen a command line option for DVIPS to
achieve this, but unfortunately I have lost track of it.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
M. Kalidoss

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