[Tugindia] standard latex devanagari font package?

Peter Horst phorst at speakeasy.net
Fri Apr 13 06:25:54 CEST 2007

Hi, all - I've checked the last several months of archives, but I 
haven't seen anything on this topic, sorry if it's a FAQ nonetheless -

I've just begun studying Sanskrit, and I'm wondering if there is a 
"standard" or highly-recommended Devanagari font package for LaTeX - if 
it matters, I'm using a current MikTeX setup on Windows XP.  I am just 
hoping to find a good-looking font that scales well and which plays 
nicely with the default English LaTeX fonts...and I guess I'm also 
assuming a package that uses 7-bit input, I'm not using any sort of 
alternate keyboarding/input system.

Can anyone guide me?

Thanks much.

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