[Tugindia] multirow AND multicolumn

Alok G. Singh alephnull at airtelbroadband.in
Tue Sep 19 16:03:19 CEST 2006

Is it possible to use multirow and multicolumn in a single cell, so as
to occupy 2x3 cells ? My attempt has been:

{\rotatebox{-45}{Intrinsics not supported}

But this seems to give me an error:

\multispan ->\omit 
l.786 ...otatebox{-45}{Intrinsics not supported}}}
                                                   & 276.7 &
--- HELP ---
>From the .log file...

I expect to see \omit only after tab marks or the \cr of
an alignment. Proceed, and I'll ignore this case.

Is there some other way of doing this ? Googling wasn't much help.


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