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Alexander Nervedi alexnerdy at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 17 23:21:36 CEST 2006

Thanks David, I haven't sold my problem yet, but that is exactly how i 
created my files.

.xls to .prn, and then used ghostview to go from .prn to .eps; hopefully, 
this will resolve all eps mystries for me.

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>Hi, Alexander,
>I just had similar problems. How did you produce your eps files? Did you
>convert them from .doc or .xls files? If you did then I think you may
>benefit from looking at the following page:
>This solved my problem.
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>I just began working with eps files for my diagrams and am having trouble
>with it. Earlier, i used to use jpgs for diagrams and then
>\includegraphics{} with the \userpackage{graphicxs). However, I recently
>realised that ghostview will automatically encode the bounding boxes of
>graphics and so I think eps versions of diagrams are handled better in
>When I compile on my home computer things look fine, but when I complie on
>my school computer, while the document does compile, none of the diagrams
>are there, just white space where the diagrams should have been. The
>remaining text is all where it should be as well. I was wondering if people
>may have a clue/suggestions to help me out.
>As is usual, while compiling I used LaTeX and then dvi to pdf. Also, I am
>using WinEdt 5.4 and MikTeX 2.4
>Thank you,
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