[Tugindia] Converting XLS file to EPS

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
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Hi, Everyone,

I have some   .xls figures which I want to convert to  .eps format to
use in
a Latex document.

I have tried two ways of converting them which do produce  .eps files.
However, when I put them in, say, Winedt , I get a blank space for the
figure in the DVI file. If I concert the DVI document to  pdf the
are there. Now if someone had asked me what is the problem I would say
the  .eps files produced are not "genuine"  .eps files like what would
produced by, say, Matlab. 

Do I have to use the raw data and Matlab to produce a genuine  .eps
Using the raw data and Matlab will produce a  .eps file which the DVI
sees. I have done this before.

I shall be happy for any help.



Which two ways do you use? Can you open the .eps file in gsview?
The problem probably lies in the dvi viewer.  Which tex distribution do 
you use? If you are using miktex, upgrade to 2.5 in which yap has
improved support for postscript specials.
Best regards,

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