[Tugindia] Converting XLS file to EPS

David Owen dowen at carib-link.net
Sat Sep 9 21:26:57 CEST 2006

Hi, Everyone,

I have some   .xls figures which I want to convert to  .eps format to use in
a Latex document.

I have tried two ways of converting them which do produce  .eps files.
However, when I put them in, say, Winedt , I get a blank space for the
figure in the DVI file. If I concert the DVI document to  pdf the figures
are there. Now if someone had asked me what is the problem I would say that
the  .eps files produced are not "genuine"  .eps files like what would be
produced by, say, Matlab. 

Do I have to use the raw data and Matlab to produce a genuine  .eps file?
Using the raw data and Matlab will produce a  .eps file which the DVI file
sees. I have done this before.

I shall be happy for any help.



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