[Tugindia] line overflow while using verbatim

Jagadeesh Bhaskar P jagadeeshbp at tataelxsi.co.in
Wed Jan 18 09:23:19 CET 2006


> If you want the typerwriter font then use \tt. If you merely 
> want to quote text then use "quote" environment. If you 
> merely want to keep special symbols to be unchanged use \ as 
> the escape character. If you only want some part of the text 
> to be verbatim use \verb|what you want|.

  Thank you for the reply. The problem is that I am including a lot of my
program code in the document. So it has a lot of symbols, I don't want to
escape all of them one by one. Again the TT front helps in putting the code
in a very different format. 

So just putting a \tt or putting a \verb line by line is not solving the
problem completely. What can I do?

Do help.

"Quaerendo invenietis" 

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