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Duvvuri Venu Gopal venugopal_duvvuri at rediffmail.com
Mon Jan 16 05:54:25 CET 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006 c puram wrote :
>Hello Venu Gopal,
>You have kindled my curiosity.  When Dr. Banait asked for TeXLive you
>recommended downloading ProTeXt.  I am interested in knowing the relative
>advantages of both.
>Happy TeXing!
>Chith Puram, Ph.D.

First of all sorry for the late response. For the last two days my e-mail didn't work. In the mean time much water flowed.

I already informed that ProTeXt will be good for Windows users. I myself perviously used TeXLive (it was distributed during the TUG Conference held in Trivandrum). I tried to get and install the later version of TeXlive. I got the CD from the Indian TUG. The problem is I couldn't install it in windows. There was some problem in it. At the same time ProTeXt was released and I downloaded it and usedit.

As like TeXLive you can use it as Live (minimal installation and CD should be present in the CD drive), Minimum installation, and others.
If you install only minimum files and suppose you used a package which is not installed then it will ask for the CD and install the required packages. There is no need to manually install the packages and then updating the package database.

A package manager is also there from where you can intall or remove the packages you want. Package name and a small description of it is present.

Now ProTeXt 1.2 released (I have not yet downloaded it). It is about some 450 MB whereas 1.1 was 360 MB single self-explodable zip file.
ProTeXt comes with both WinEdit and TeXnicCentre editors. Ghostscript and Ghost view. It has the Not So Short Introduction and Formatting Information books besides others.

Hope this clears all doubts. As I already told ProTeXt IS FOR WINDOWS. I am comfortable with both Linux and Windows versions of TeX.

Happy TeXing.

D. Venu Gopal

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