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>    1. pdf to tex (dowen)
>    2. Re: pdf to tex (Mahesh T. Pai)

> "dowen" <dowen at carib-link.net> writes:
> > Hi, Everyone,
> >
> > I would appreciate any help in finding how to convert a PDF file to a TEX
> > file so that I may use this with Latex.
> Not Easy; as it depends on the origin of the pdf file. There are
> several pdfs which display text; but are actually images embedded in
> the pdf. It would be well-nigh impossible to convert such embedded
> images to text.
That usually applies to scanned documents and such.
Simply use the tools pdftotext or kpdftool or pdftk and txt2tags in succession 
to get some kind of tex file.

Now if the original is an image, then it is still possible to use OCR software 
to eventually get a tex file.

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