[Tugindia] Re: pdf to tex

Mahesh T. Pai paivakil at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 04:44:19 CET 2006

"dowen" <dowen at carib-link.net> writes:

> Hi, Everyone,
> I would appreciate any help in finding how to convert a PDF file to a TEX
> file so that I may use this with Latex.

Not Easy; as it depends on the origin of the pdf file. There are
several pdfs which display text; but are actually images embedded in
the pdf. It would be well-nigh impossible to convert such embedded
images to text. 

That said, if the source pdf is generated by a proper text formatting
program you can use pdftohtml to convert pdfs to xml or html; or
probably pdftotext and work the output files.

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