[Tugindia] Couple of inconsistencies

Rijo John rijo at igidr.ac.in
Fri Feb 17 23:21:42 CET 2006

Hi all,

When I compile my article in the Linux machine (PDFLaTeX) I get an output  
of 35 pages. I have a figure also in that document which prints without  
any problem.

But the very same document when I compile from my window XP machine with   
WinEdt and TeXLive, (again PDF LaTeX compilation) I get the whole of  
document without any error but for two inconsistencies.

1.	No of pages decreases to 30. (However all contents are there. Line  
spacing also doesn’t get altered, at least no perceptible change)
2.	Figure just turns around and it hangs towards the right of the page. I  
mean, in the original document Figure was inserted with the following  
\caption{my figure title}
\includegraphics[angle=270, width=5in]{ch2pic}

But now when I compile it in windows, I need to remove the `angle=270’  
option for my figure to get the angle right. Even after that it refuses to  
stay in the center and goes to the right most side of the page.

Any document I compile I see this page number differing with windows  
compilation always showing up lesser number of pages. I am not able to  
make out what is going on. Coz I don’t see any error either. Do I need to  
tinker with some default settings? Any suggestions may be very helpful.

Rijo.M.John,Research Scholar
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research,
Film City Road, Goregaon East,
Mumbai, India-400065.
contact: (+91)9892412476

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