[Tugindia] Help in TEX

renu at aero.iisc.ernet.in renu at aero.iisc.ernet.in
Thu Dec 14 12:22:32 CET 2006

Dear TeK users, 

I am compiling a report using book.cls. 

I am facing 2 problems:

(1) When I use the command \chapter{Introduction} 
the output size is much bigger than what I expect to 
get. How to reduce the size of the title of the chapter. 

(2) When I use the command \begin{thebibliography}{00},
the output comes as "Bibliography" in bold and starts with 
new page even if there is enough space after the last 
section and before References. 

(i) I need to get the References to come on the same page and 
(ii) I want the References title as "References and Bibliography"

Can somebody help me to solve this. 

Thanks in advance.


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